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The many uses of hired marquees

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When most of think of marquee hire, we immediately think of weddings. Shady, airy and easy to set up, these large tents make venues for outdoor meals, drinks or receptions. But there's much more you can do with a marquee than host a wedding reception. Here are a few examples of other uses of these versatile structures. 

Retail spaces

A marquee is a simple way to temporarily expand a retail space. If you are putting on a sale, are trying to tempt customers with cool drinks on a hot day or have lost some of your normal space to renovations, a marquee is a quick and visible solution. Because a marquee is so quick to set up, it's also an ideal solution for outdoor events such as fairs or festivals. A large marquee can host multiple retailers, while a smaller one is ideal for a single vendor. 

Exhibitions and public functions

Libraries, museums and other public services are always looking for new ways to bring their work to the public. A temporary exhibit or function in a marquee is portable, accessible and fun, presenting what would traditionally be indoor activities in an exciting new way that helps grab the interest of the public. Just as with retail spaces, marquee hire for public services gives institutions the ability to quickly and temporarily expand their available space. 

Meetings and conferences

Meetings and conferences are important ways for businesses and schools to foster communication and develop skills, but the routine of conference rooms and hotels can get repetitive very quickly. Hosting a conference session or event in an outdoor marquee helps add sunlight and fresh air to the proceedings, making the event more memorable and interesting. Of course, this depends on the weather, which is why marquee hire is an ideal solution: organisations can deploy the marquee as and when they need it without having to worry about it taking up space the rest of the year. 

Business storage

Whether working on a large outdoor project or just trying to cope with an influx of new inventory, a business often has to find short-term storage at a low cost. If you have access to a secure outdoor area, a marquee can be a simple way to keep your equipment or inventory out of the elements until you're done with it. 

All of these uses and more demonstrate the ways in which marquee hire gives individuals, businesses and institutions access to versatile, flexible spaces for working, storage and entertainment. The next time you need some space in a hurry, consider hiring a marquee -- they're for much more than just weddings.