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How Modern Portable Coolrooms Are More Useful Than Ever Before

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Portable coolrooms are used for all sorts of different events, from birthday parties to weddings and everything in between. Australia is a notoriously hot place, and with summer coming up and many states planning to come out of lockdown just as it arrives, coolrooms will be in great demand. Unlike in the past where you might remember coolrooms being massive drains of power and very hard to operate, modern portable coolrooms are more useful than ever before, whatever your needs may be.

Here are three reasons why portable coolrooms are better than previous generations and why that should matter for your event.

1. Interior Shelving Supplied

In the past, many coolrooms were just that: rooms. They had no shelving or space to place different items so you put it all on the floor and had to organise it yourself. This was not a very efficient use of space, which is why modern iterations have corrected this flaw and now portable coolrooms look more like your regular fridge with shelves at different levels and storage for fruit and veg if need be. However, there is still plenty of room for larger objects on the floor, so don't be worried about a lack of space.

2. Wider And More Stable Temperature Range

In the past, you were lucky if your portable coolrooms components could handle minus ten degrees celsius, but by modern standards that are considered quite low. Most coolrooms can handle more than double that, and that is with a heavy load as well, so smaller quantities can be kept cooler. All of this, and the drain on power is generally much more acceptable and in line with what you would expect by more modern and upgraded systems that are efficient and powerful. This makes using coolrooms a dream and also much less pricey overall.

3. Accessible

Portable coolrooms generally come with their own trailer which has strong wheels and a hand jack to keep them in place once you are where you need to be. This means they can be brought into rougher terrain that is all grass without fear of dirtying up the bottom or getting stuck. If you want a party out in the bush, then why not bring a coolroom so you can still have cold drinks and fresh food when you want it? That is why so many people end up using portable coolrooms for longer camping trips where multiple families might share one coolroom.