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5 Fun Ideas for Your Book-Themed Wedding

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Are you and your partner obsessed with reading? Then why not plan a book-themed wedding to incorporate your shared passion into your special day? There are loads of novel ways to include books in your venue, decor, and ceremony, and we've listed five of the best ideas below. Planning the perfect wedding is the best way to begin your new chapter together, so read on.

1. Choose a library as your venue

Alternative wedding venues are massively growing in popularity, and it's easy to see why. There's no reason to stick with a traditional venue when there are so many options. For book lovers, a library is the obvious choice. Many famous and historic libraries are licensed as wedding venues, so there's no shortage of stunning architecture and impressive spaces. There'll be plenty of opportunity for some really unique wedding snaps, and you could even borrow a book for your honeymoon.

2. Create paper flowers from book pages

Ditch traditional flowers and create your own paper arrangements instead. You could order pre-made flowers made from book pages, or have fun creating your own. Bonus points if you pick your favorite novels or books with a romance theme. These flowers are really versatile and can be used as decorations, table centerpieces, or part of your outfit. Since they won't die, they're also a fun item for guests to take home as a memento.

3. Use a typewriter as your guest book

Instead of a traditional guest book, why not provide a vintage typewriter and let guests type a message to you? This is loads of fun for kids and adults, and you'll be left with pages which you can compile into your very own wedding book. Just make sure you've got plenty of ink!

4. Decorate your venue with book art

There's so much beautiful book art available that it can be hard to know what to choose. Sculptures cut out of books make beautiful table decorations, while book-themed bunting is perfect for decorating a large room. Framed pages from your favorite books are a beautiful, personal touch. If there's a large piece of book art that you won't have room to keep afterwards, consider hiring it from a wedding decor company.

5. Build an archway out of books

Forget roses, you need more books! An archway made of books carefully glued together will look seriously iconic and is perfect for wedding pictures. Hire a pre-made arch, or have your own made, choosing books that are significant to your and your partner.

Planning a book-themed wedding? You need to include these creative ideas. Talk to a company that focuses in wedding decor hire for more ideas.