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Planning A Kid's Party? Here Are Some Ideas On Fun Stuff You Can Hire

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If you are planning to host a kid's party, there is one concern that trumps all others – fun. Since you cannot provide all the fun needed by the kids, the only solution is to outsource it. Party hire companies can help you out here by providing you with various fun items for the kids. Below, check out ideas on some cool stuff you can hire for the special day. 

Adventure castles Jumping castles aside, how about you hire an adventure castle? Adventure castles are inflatable as well, but they are larger and are used for so much more. In adventure castles, kids can jump, play, explore the different mazes and compartments inside, play hide-and-seek, and do so much more. It's a large inflatable world where they can get lost in loads of fun while staying safe and within a confined area. 

Mechanical bucking bull The mechanical bull is not a new idea in general. However, it's not very common in parties for kids, and this is a shortcoming. You can hire one and give the kids a memorable experience riding the artificial animal. There are specially-designed bucking bulls for children. These are smaller, they feature an inflated 'fall-zone', and they do not buck to dangerous levels. With these, kids can compete to see who rides the longest while having the ride of their life. 

Zoo animals You can take the party to the next level and hire zoo animals. Kids love animals and having a few of them at a party will raise their fun experience through the roof. Some of the animals that can be hired include monkeys, zebras, ostriches, pigs, etc. Of course, these will come with handlers who will ensure that they are treated well and that the children are not harmed in any way. 

Inflatable water parks If you don't own a swimming pool, get an inflatable water park. This is basically a large inflated, above-ground pool. It comes with floaters and lots of other fun pool toys such as balls. An inflatable water park will allow the kids to play their hearts out while staying cool under the hot sun.  

Puppet entertainers Last but not least, you can also hire a puppet entertainer. As the name suggests, a puppet entertainer will be using puppets. With lots of different puppets to keep the kids glued to the show, a puppet entertainer will have the kids laughing for hours as they watch. This is a simple, relaxed, and very safe form of entertainment, which is perfect for smaller kids. 

With any of these, or a combination of several, your kid's party will take fun to a whole new level. And the kids will forever love you for it!