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Hiring Chairs For A Wedding? Here Are Some Ideas On How To Keep Your Costs Down

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If you are organising a wedding, one of the items that you are most likely going to have to hire for your special day is chairs. Chairs, among other few things, are some of the higher expenses that you will incur when planning a wedding. As such, it is always welcome to evaluate different ideas on how such expenses can be kept low. Below, see how you can do that when it comes to chairs and seating without compromising your event. 

Hire separate chairs for kids Kids need chairs too. But there is no reason why you have to hire similar chairs for kids and adults. Kids can do with smaller chairs designed specifically for kids. As you can imagine, adult chairs go for a much higher rate compared to kids' chairs. The cost difference can be as high as double. So in order to cut on costs when it comes to chair hire, plan to have children use kids' chairs. This way you will lower your budget by a margin. Remember also that kids' chairs are more comfortable for kids so they will actually enjoy using them.  

Rotate chair use around the venue Another way to lower costs when hiring chairs for a wedding is by rotating chair use around the venue. Most weddings entail the use of different settings, e.g. church setting, reception setting, and after-party setting. Each setting must have chairs for guests to sit on. Instead of hiring different chairs for each one of these settings, you can rotate the same chairs from one setting to the other. That is, have chairs moved to the reception after church service is over and then have them moved to after-party location thereafter. After all, these settings do not take place at the same time so there will be no inconvenience.  

Have numbered chairs Another easy and simple way to keep your chair hire budget friendly is to organise numbered chairs during the wedding function. This way, everyone will have their specific seat to use. In most cases, people hire more chairs than they need to allow movement and fluidity in regards to sitting. When you number chairs, everyone has to sit at their designated position. Doing this will eliminate the need to hire the extra chairs. And as a result, you will pay less. Also, numbered chairs will create more order in regards to arrangement.  

With the cost savings emanating from all the above ideas, you will be in a position to hire even better quality seats for your wedding. That's a double win!