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Don't Forget the Outside: Five Ideas for Decorating the Outside of a Marquee

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If you are hiring marquee for a wedding, a party or any other special occasion, you are probably going to decorate it. In addition to making the inside of the marquee look beautiful, take some time to consider the outside of the marquis. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. Opt for colours.

While the traditional marquee tends to be white or ivory, that is certainly not your only option. If you want to make decorating the outside of the marquee easy, opt for hiring a brightly coloured marquee. Play with circus tent patterns, pick your favourite colour or hold your event inside a rainbow tent -- the possibilities are endless.

2. Decorate the outside of the marquee.

In lieu of a colourful marquee, add decorations to a white marquee. You can string lights over your marquee, hang tassels over its doorways, wrap plants around exposed pillars or find other ways to add embellishments. Just talk with the hire company first about any weight or safety restrictions you may need to consider while decorating the outside of the marquee.

3. Create an integrated outdoor area.

Whether you decide to decorate the marquee itself or not, you may want to create an integrated outdoor area. For example, if you plan to have a dance floor and a band in the marquee and a dining area outside the marquee, you should take steps to integrate the two areas. For example, consider hiring a temporary white picket fence to outline the perimeter of your outdoor area. That helps connect that space to the marquee while also creating visual appeal. Alternatively, you could highlight an outdoor space with homemade paper bag candles, tiki torches or other decorative elements.

4. Build a walkway to the marquee.

A walkway to your marquee adds a bit of elegance to your event, and there are lots of options to choose from, depending on your budget and the style of your event. You could go with the classic red carpet, and some hire companies have these types of walkways available so you can arrange everything at once.

Alternatively, you could make a walkway by lining it with little torches or other decorations, or you could create a floating wood walkway with small pieces of timber.

5. Consider window displays.

Finally, if you decide against decorating the outside of the marquee, you may want to create window displays. Some marquees have windows, and you can place plants, lights, Chinese lanterns or other decorations in the windows. Then, your guests or passersby can see this decor as they look at the outside of your marquee.