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Marquee Madness

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The "silly season" is fast approaching and you might have been given the task to organise the work Christmas party, a friend's wedding, or even a special birthday event. The task of the organiser is never an easy role as there is usually a ridiculous amount to organise, especially if you trying to make it an unforgettable event.

The best starting point is hiring a marquee. A marquee is an essential piece of equipment. No matter how many weather channels you watch, you can never predict what our wonderful weather is going to serve up to you. Whether it be protection from the harsh summer sun or, if you are unlucky, from the freak summer storm.

To attempt to make it a little easier for you, below is a list of the types of marquees available, price estimates and available accessories.


Framed marquees are your traditional design. They consist of four aluminium poles, a roofing frame and a canvas roof. These are a popular choice as they are easy to assemble, perfect for smaller events such as market stalls or backyard parties, and are reasonably priced. Frames come in various sizes ranging from 3x3m up to 6x15m. There are several add-ons for the framed marquees including side walls and elevated stages.

High Point or Pagoda

High point, high peak or pagoda marquees are the stand out option. The are similar in construction to the framed marquees, however the elevated central peak in their roof gives them a feel of elegance. Externally, they captivate audiences with their prominence and grandeur. Internally, the addition of smooth or pleated silk lining allows your guests to enter into a magical arena. Sizes vary from 3x3m to 6x12m.


Clearspan marquees are best for the larger event where the guest list would include more than 50 people. They are also commonly used as stages for bands or productions. They can be enclosed with walls and windows or remain open. Due to the ability to obtain larger sizes (up to 25x40m), they tend to be slightly more expensive. The cost is reasonable however, as it would most likely cost you more to hire a hall or venue. Note that all clearspan marquees require professional installation.


There are a number of accessories that can be added to your marquee that will showcase your creative edge and which will undoubtedly get the "wow" reaction from your guests. These include the silk lining and stages as previously mentioned, as well as arched walkways, verandahs and fairy lights. Don't be alarmed if creativity is not your strength as the friendly staff are gladly able to assist you in the design process of your masterpiece.

Hopefully this information has given you a decent starting point for your brilliant idea of hiring a marquee. Talk to marquee hire companies like Barlens to learn more about your options, as well as pricing.